A Mother’s Wisdom – Life Isn’t Fair…Suck It Up!

Mother's Wisdom

Mother’s Wisdom

Look for Kayce Lassiter’s chapter titled Life Isn’t Fair…Suck It Up!, where you will find Kayce’s advice on how to be the best “you” you can be…in her usual snarky “so what, suck it up” style.

A Mother’s Wisdom –  What would my mom say? How would she guide me?

Soul searching questions answered in A Mother’s Wisdom, a compilation of inspirational, spiritual and practical insights.  Written by twenty-seven mothers and grandmothers of every age and walk of life, their letters, poems and anecdotes are their gift to their 15children. These women have graciously shared their wise words to benefit any and all who need guidance and encouragement in their lives. They are wonderful examples of mothers at their finest, desiring to add to their children’s lives in a rich, meaningful and loving manner.

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