Midnight on the Double-B (short story)


Midnight on the Double-B

(Contemporary Romance in a country         setting, with paranormal elements and          snarky humor.)

Look for Midnight On The Double-B, a short story by Kayce Lassiter.  This story gives the reader a glimpse into what the age-old fairy tale Beauty & The Beast might have been if it had been set in the country and if Beauty had been given a hinky Fairy Godmother.  In this story, we first meet Delta, a hard-hitting, brash Fairy Godmother who rides a Harley, wears cowboy boots and hats, and sports a pair of lips tattooed on her butt.  Delta’s assignment in this series intro is to get Kylah McCombs and Michael Beasty to put aside their differences in order to save the water rights that feed both their ranches.  To accomplish this, Kylah must sell herself into the modern day version of indentured servitude to Michael Beasty, the new head of a family dynasty with a long-standing feud with the McCombs family.

Cover art designed by HayBurner Design.

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