About Kayce

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Kayce Lassiter is country through and through, and she writes snarky contemporary romance in a country setting—what she calls “Chick Lit in Cowgirl Boots,” and she likes to throw in some magic now and then just for fun. Now she is adding nonfiction works to her catalogue, which includes dysfunctional family stories—something she knows a heck of a lot about.

Kayce is an author, a Butterscotch Martini Girl, and a consummate smart-alec, which shows in her humorous, heart-tugging stories about everyday people complete with broken hearts and all the flaws that come with being human. Some of her characters will make you laugh, others will touch your heart, but they will all take you to a world where dreams are possible, hearts can be mended, and people survive through the power of love.

A second-generation native Arizonan, Kayce was born to deaf parents and grew up on a dairy farm. Living on a farm as a kid can be fun, but it can be lonely, too. So she learned to dream, to imagine, to pretend—something she’s never grown out of. Kayce still lives in rural Arizona with her horse and dogs, including a nut-job named Riley whose claim to fame is having eaten an entire rattan chair in one afternoon.

So let Kayce introduce you to her world of “Chick Lit in Cowgirl Boots” and seriously dysfunctional families. After all, what would a good story be without a little magic, or a crazy or two? That’s what makes the world go round—right?

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