A Delta Jane Short Story introducing the Delta Jane Series

Kylah McCombs finds her life turned completely upside down when her overwhelmingly handsome neighbor manages to get control of the water rights to her ranch.

Michael Beasty has no intention of cutting off the water supply to the McCombs ranch, but he can’t tell Kylah until he figures out how to resolve the issues that threaten his own ranch.

When Kylah’s redneck fairy godmother shows up on a Harley to save the day, she convinces Michael to hire Kylah as his housekeeper and give her a way to buy back her water rights.

Michael needs a housekeeper desperately, but isn’t sure he can hold out against the snarky flaxen haired beauty that has moved into his house and his heart.

Will Kylah and Michael find a way to save both ranches?

Will they destroy each other in the meantime?

Who is the strange woman on the motorcycle that has shown up in their darkest hour with the mangiest dog on the planet?

What does she want and why won’t she go away?


A Delta Jane novel.

Shannon Burnett has a serious dilemma—she’s attracted to two men, who both seem to be a bit flawed. Given that she’s just ended her engagement to a four-time bigamist, her “chooser” seems to be badly broken. Should she choose Michael Tanner, who seems to be just another undependable cowboy? Or Jackson Miller, her over-bearing ex-boyfriend, who seems anxious to pick up where they left off twelve years before?

Maybe she should just forget both men and lock herself in a dark closet…or perhaps find a nice, clean room in the nearest convent.

There are two kinds of love matches in life—the kind humans make on their own, which succeed or fail depending on how much work they put into the relationship, and the “made in Heaven” kind that are especially blessed to last a lifetime and are facilitated by a highly trained fairy godmother. This is where Delta Jane comes in. As an FGM extraordinaire, Delta is as skilled as they come, but she has her hands full when she inherits a mess her brother made in his attempt to “fill in” while she was tied up on another assignment. Delta has never failed to make her love match, and she’s not about to start now—regardless of how badly Bubba Ray screwed things up.

But the clock is ticking, and the stakes are high. Shannon must grow beyond her past hurts to see these men for who they really are and make the right choice before the spirit of the child she is destined to have one day fades out of existence.

It’s going to take a freaking miracle to straighten out the mess Shannon’s making of her life—either that, or a fairy godmother. Unfortunately, Shannon’s fairy godmother has tattoos, rides a Harley, and seems a bit cranky. That doesn’t exactly give Shannon warm fuzzies.

Can Delta Jane fix the problem and help Shannon find her happily-ever-after? Or will this strange, grouchy FGM just add to her litany of problems?


A Delta Jane novel.

Delta Jane doesn’t just wear cowboy boots, ride a Harley, and have hard-hitting tatts… She’s all cowgirl—one who just happens to be a fairy godmother.

But this quirky cowgirl ain’t your mama’s fairy godmother.

Normally, nothing ruffles Delta’s feathers. She’s been around a hell of a long time and she’s damn good at her job—making sure her assigned love matches don’t fall off the edge of a cliff. This isn’t so easy with the hard-headed Tanner clan, and Delta’s been tasked with reuniting Doris Tanner and Justin Blake—the man who abandoned a pregnant Doris thirty years ago.

Doris is stunned to find Justin standing in her front yard, for the first time in many years. Should she grab a broom or a rake and knock him upside the head? Doris would rather cut the man’s heart out with a popsicle stick than have him on her ranch.

Justin is floored by the sight of Doris, looking even more beautiful than she had all those years ago. But the fire in her eyes says she’s madder than a wet hen under a bucket. Why should she be angry when she was the one who dumped him for another man?

To complicate matters, Delta must make this match in record time, or the whole thing will blow sky-high. What’s the rush? HQ has sent her two love matches to make in the time it normally takes to make one. She will have to depend on her brother, Bubba Ray, to help, but his talent for screwing things up and his sudden fascination with a stupid toy gun has Delta’s stress level ratcheted up to DEFCON 1 levels.

Two dogs, two hard-headed ranchers with unresolved issues, a fairy godmother on the edge, an inept fairy godfather with a pink toy gun, and two love matches to make in half the required time. What the hell can go wrong with that?



A novella, continuing the escapades of fairy godmother, Delta Jane.

Slingin’ Bull brings you a rising star attorney, a country singer, a fairy godmother on a Harley, and a fairy godfather on a mechanical bull. Delta rides again to make a love match for attorney Ashtyn McCannon and Dayton Rawlins, a local country singer.

But Ashtyn McCannon has had enough of undependable, unmotivated musicians who can’t hold their own in a relationship or the corporate world. She wants a partner, not a project.

Dayton Rawlins is tired of aggressive women who want nothing more than money and power, and are willing to sacrifice family and love to get it. He is looking for an equal, not a boss.

Ashtyn’s hinky fairy godmother, Delta Jane, is going to have to work extra hard to get Ashtyn past her baggage with musicians and Dayton past his mistrust of powerful women in time to save their happily-ever-after.

Special matches like this one are heralded by the arrival of a glimmer, which is the spirit of a baby intended to be born one day to the happy couple. But the fairy godmother must make the love match before the glimmer fades out of existence, or the intended baby will never be.

Watch as this fairy godmother with tattoos and a Harley, along with her inept brother, Bubba Ray, pull out all the stops to get these two matched up in time.


A Christmas novella, continuing the escapades of fairy godmother, Delta Jane.

Kolton Holloway returns to his small hometown in Wyoming, after the death of his mother, intending to unload an unprofitable strip mall. Unfortunately, the sale of the mall will force Harper Weston to close the doors of her wedding dress shop forever.

With these two at odds over the fate of the strip mall, Delta, has her hands full trying to make a love match between them.

Throw in a fairy godfather who thinks he’s a Christmas wedding planner, and Harper’s new puppy who is hell-bent on trashing her dress shop, and you have chaos of the highest magnitude.

Will Delta be able to tame the maelstrom and make this match in time to save the spirit of Harper’s unborn baby? Or will the glimmer be lost forever?