Witch’s Pass

Foundation Novella introducing the SpellMaker Series.

Witch princess, Quayk SpellMaker, is in a battle of wills with her father over an “arranged” marriage to a man she hates.

Does she settle for a loveless marriage for the sake of her witchy kingdom? Or run like the wind and risk being without a mate and alone forever?

Gargoyle shifter, Alex McCall, is assigned to guard Quayk and make sure she makes it to her wedding.

But the more time he spends ensuring Quayk marries another, the more he is drawn to the beautiful, quirky witch.

Will Quayk abandon her obligation to the royal family?

Can Alex really turn the woman he loves over to another man?


(Books 1-3 are planned for the future.)

A contemporary paranormal trilogy set in a small town in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, with some back story taking place in the Appalachian Mountains of Arkansas.

Sort of Harry Potter meets Warehouse 13, with a little bit of country thrown in, SpellMaker has some dark elements but is generally a light witchy tale about a coven of witches who are hiding in plain sight.

SpellMaker is a city of two tales…the witches who operate the tourist shops above ground in the light of day, selling “tourist” spells and witchy crafts and anything that appeals to the general public wanting to experience the fantasy world of witchcraft.

By night, these witches go about their daily lives under ground, where the real city of SpellMaker lives, unbeknownst to the tourists who visit above.

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