Katie’s Rock

Stand-alone contemporary romance.

Katie Schaffer is a single mother who slings drinks for a living and is just finding her footing after a divorce.

Her parents are gone, leaving her alone to care for her four- year-old son and a cocker spaniel with more energy than brains.

When she meets Arizona ranchers Jake and David McAllister, the two handsome brothers both go into a full-court-press to win Katie’s affections. While both men appear to have much to offer, Katie quickly chooses Jake, believing he is older and more stable, with a couple of kids of his own.

But the road to love is a whole lot rockier than she expected. Jake, still raw from his divorce, struggles with the pain of having his family torn apart. Katie soon realizes Jake may not have been as free to give his heart away as she had believed.

If she loses Jake, Katie stands to lose the entire McAllister family. Not only has she come to love them very much, but her young son adores them, as well.

Will Jake commit to Katie? Does she want him to?

Did Katie choose the wrong McAllister brother? If she loses Jake, can Katie survive losing her second family in three years? How would the loss affect her young son?

Garland Creek Cowboy

First book in collection of Garland Creek stories. (More stand-alone stories to come in the future.)

Garland Creek Cowboy is the first story in the Legends of Garland Creek collection, which will focus on second-chance romances in the small mountain town of Garland Creek, Arizona.

Melayna Gaines and Devin Douglas dated all through high school. But when Devin proposed to Melayna just after graduation, she panicked and fled like her tail was on fire. Her dream had always been to travel internationally, and Devin’s future was tethered to Garland Creek.

Sixteen years later, Melayna returns to her hometown to celebrate Christmas with her family, and comes face-to-face with the boy she’d loved in high school—who has become a key figure in the town, and now has a fifteen-year-old daughter.

Rancher Devin Douglas finds his world turned upside down when his high school flame returns to town for Christmas, after a sixteen-year absence. Even after crushing his dream of spending their lives together, Melayna still holds Devin’s heart in her hands. Now she’s back, and the two must work together to save Devin’s fifteen-year-old daughter who has fallen off a cliff and is stuck at the bottom of a canyon with a broken ankle and a mountain lion.

Will Melayna and Devin find a way to be together, despite her wanderlust?

If Melayna can manage to stay put, could Devin trust that she would accept another woman’s child?

Will the magic of Christmas in Garland Creek give these two star-crossed lovers a second chance at love? Or is Devin destined to pick up the pieces of another devastating rejection? After so many years, are their feelings still strong enough to even try?

Does the legendary Ice Hound have a Christmas miracle for Devin and Melayna? Or are they destined to repeat the mistakes of their youth?

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