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Katie’s Rock – Cover reveal and an excerpt.

Katie’s Rock is now available at

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Jake nodded and reached to brush a stray lock of hair back from my face.  We sat for a few minutes, quietly gazing into each other’s eyes.  Neither of us seemed willing to break the spell.  Finally, he broke it.  “Well, this was fun.  I had a great time.”  With a wink, he added, “If you’ll invite me back again soon, I promise not to drop any hamburgers next time.”

Soon?  How about…like now!  I almost laughed out loud when I heard granny’s voice in my head say, “this man makes me happier than a tick on a fat dog.”

Covering my mouth, I coughed to stave off laughter and said, “Yeah, I had a good time, too.  And I think I can speak for everyone, including the dog, when I say you and Tyler can come back any time.  Thanks for bringing dinner and being so great with the boys.”

Jake pulled me close and nuzzled my ear.  “You’re an incredible woman and if I’d come alone, you’d have a tough time getting rid of me tonight.”

Holy freaking cow!  My nether-parts were absolutely twitching with joy.  Calm down, girls, the man said ‘if’.

As I looked up at him, pulling back hard on my mental reins, he took a deep breath and smiled gently as he added, “But I didn’t come alone and I’d best go while I still can.”

I smiled and nodded.

Yep, because if you wait any longer than a minute and a half, I’m liable to throw and hog tie you on the living room floor.

For the space of a few seconds, my brain was high centered on the hog tying concept and I totally spaced out that Jake was speaking to me.  When he snapped his fingers in front of my face, I lurched awkwardly back to the present.  “Huh?  Did you say something?”

His eyebrows rose halfway to his hairline as he nodded.   “Yes.  I asked if you would like me to carry Dustin to bed for you.”

“Oh, yeah.  That would be great.  Thanks.  He’s getting so heavy these days that I’d probably be tempted to just put a pillow under his head and leave him here for the night.”

Jake scooped Dustin up and followed me down the hall where we put him to bed and tucked him in.  Then we returned to the living room where Jake gathered up Tyler and headed for the door.  As I let them out, he leaned over and touched his soft lips to mine, gently tasting my tongue with his as he gave me a quick kiss .  “Are you working tomorrow night?”

I shook my head.  “No.  I’m filling in for the day bartender a couple of hours in the afternoon while she takes her kid to the doctor.”

“Then I’ll call you tomorrow night.  What time do you get home?”

My heart soared at knowing I’d see him again.  “About six thirty.”

He winked and walked down the sidewalk with Tyler in his arms.  I watched him put Tyler in the truck and waved as they backed out of the driveway, surprised to find a sense of loss washing through me.  I hadn’t felt that way since Mark walked out on me and it scared me a bit to realize how fast I was falling for this man.  An old quote from Gilda Radner buzzed in my brain as goose bumps skittered up my arms.  “Dreams are like paper, they tear so easily.”